The perfect place for creative entrepreneurs!

“Espacios PH” is a co-work-space which officially started working in february 2021. To understand it´s escence, is fundamental to acknowledge it´s story.

“E. PH ” was born as a subproduct of Phoenix Language Centre, in Yerba Buena, Tucumán. Our institute first started in a rented premise, but in August 2020 we made a huge step by moving to our own place, in Peru 1884. The decision to put up the new building came from the urge to expand our services: it wasn’t enough for us to become a language centre. We wanted others to be able to teach and share what they knew as creators, dreamers and entrepreneurs.

From its foundations, we understood this was more than a change of location. We wanted to print  in it our real intentions and future dreams.  We were convinced we wanted to develop our job in a place that would inspire creativity, avant-garde and commitment.

After a year in construction we eventually moved in, and started filling the second floor with the concept of “Espacios PH”: a space that combines private offices and coworking areas.

Our product provides the versatility to become a place in which anyone can give classes, record tutorials, have a meeting, design a project and generate ideas. The environment is provided with the latest technology, designed to impulse creativity and innovation. Also, our clients have access to an internal and external yard, recreational areas and a full-stacked kitchenette. We also have our master kitchen which is available for gastronomy lovers who want to teach cooking, cocktails, bakery among others.

We want to express our warmest welcome to those who want to be part of this project. We are sure that in “Espacios PH” you will find more than what our words can express in this article.


Visit us, get to know us and be part of our community.